Thursday, October 4, 2018

International Trade, Technological Innovation and Public Policies: the case of Ecuador

Presentation on "International Trade, Technological Innovation and Public Policies: the case of Ecuador".

Presented to a panel at the WTO Public Forum 2018.

Presentation focuses on:

  • Trends in Ecuador’s foreign trade and production.
  • Public policies to promote change in productive matrix
  • Public policies to promote productivity and competitiveness
  • Policies to promote clusters, regional innovation strategies, smart specialization and internationalization of SMEs.

Some highlights:

  • Between 75 and 84 % of Ecuador’s exports are primary products
  • This has been the case particularly during the last decade, with high oil and other commodity prices.
  • Even among Industrialized Products Exports, most are based on Natural Resources (Fish and Seafood, Cocoa, Coffee).
  • High Technology Intensity Products are 2-6 % of Manufacturing Exports
  • In contrast, the incorporated technological intensity of manufacturing imports to Ecuador is much higher.
  • Nearly 40 % have Medium Technology Intensity, and 15-18 % have High Intensity
  • Some export diversification strategies are presented, geared towards moving to products with a higher level of technological complexity and added value.
  • Policies to promote greater productivity and competitiveness are presented.

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