Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Key Results of Macron's #OnePlanetSummit

Key Results of Macron's #OnePlanetSummit
On the second anniversary of the adoption of the #ParisAgreement

- commitment by major institutional investors (representing $26 trillion in assets under management) to shift towards renewable energy and low-emission investments
- phasing out coal
- lower shipping emissions
- re-build with resilience in Caribbean
- new climate finance pledges
- carbon neutrality by 2050 commitments by 14 countries, including Germany and Costa Rica.

Also noteworthy:
- @WorldBank will stop funding upstream oil & gas projects
- @AFD to become 100 % Paris Agreement compliant
- Hewlett Foundation pledges $600 million in grants
- @AXA to divest from fossil fuels, and invest $12 billion in green investments.

@UNFCCC Summary

@ClimateHome Summary

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