Thursday, September 25, 2014

High Dividend paying ETFs

Came across this ETF database:

If you arrange the high-dividend paying ETFs (exchange traded funds) by annual dividend yield, you get the following top-ten list:

SymbolNameAnnual Dividend RateDividend DateDividendAnnual Dividend Yield % ▼P/E RatioBeta
YYYHigh Income ETF$2.142014-08-25$0.179.09%14.060.89
KBWDKBW High Dividend Yield Financial Portfolio$2.012014-09-15$0.197.98%10.10-0.81
DVYLETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged Dow Jones Select Dividend Index ETN$3.032014-09-11$0.406.76%n/a2.36
SDIVSuperDividend ETF$1.462014-09-02$0.126.00%n/a-1.08
LVLS&P Global Dividend Opportunities Index ETF$0.732014-06-24$0.245.57%12.20-1.38
DVHIETRACS Diversified High Income ETN$1.442014-09-11$0.125.54%n/a-1.00
DVYAiShares Asia/Pacific Dividend ETF$3.022014-06-24$0.765.51%n/a-1.47
DTHDEFA High-Yielding Equity Fund$2.502014-06-23$0.925.40%12.27-1.27
DIVSuperDividend U.S. ETF$1.552014-09-02$0.145.31%n/a1.02
DWXSPDR S&P International Dividend ETF$2.422014-09-19$0.455.13%13.09-1.35

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