Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Presence on social networks

Regarding my presence on "social networks", the number of contacts is somewhat inversely proportional to how "public" each site is:  470 connections on LinkedIn (; 400 "friends" in Facebook; 147 "circle members" in Google+; 92 followers in Tweeter (@LatinoEconomist); 1 follower on this blog (


  1. Update: As of today (10/13/14): 381 followers on Twitter, 500+ Contacts on LinkedIn, 166 in Google "circles"; and 401 Facebook "friends". Still just one "follower" on this blog, although I also have 10 "Followers" on Facebook. Still need to further rebalance my "public" and "private" presence.

  2. Update 6/21/17: My presence on social networks has become more balanced between "public" and "private" networks:

    Twitter 1.246 followers
    LinkedIn 1,000 contacts
    Google+ 95 followers (+218 in "circles")
    Facebook: 73 followers (+ 394 friends)

    But still only 3 followers on this blog!