Friday, June 10, 2011

My top stock picks (and a comment on the movie Limitless)

I thought I would share with you my top picks in Motley Fools CAPS.

Overall, my rating is not too shabby, in the top third of all participants.

LIFE: This stock will resuscitate my IRA :-)

MVC: Venture capital is back.

IRBT: What can I say, robots are the wave of the future.

STP: Growing company in a growing industry in a growing country - what's not to like? Also, currently low P/E ratio.

VPRT: Up 40 % since I picked it in August 2010.

VITA: Well, now that it is being bought out, I guess my winning streak will end. Still, not bad (up 103 % since August 2010).

AKAM: This is an excellent long-term investment opportunity.

SRZ: Even though it has already increased 20-fold since I bought it, I think it still has room to grow.

ALU: It still has a long way to go back to its fundamentals level.

PBW: Solar energy is becoming competitive with gas-fired electricity. Enough said.

GOOG: They are great at everything they do (especially fostering innovation).

On another note, was I the only one that found it ridiculous that in the movie "Limitless", the main character, "Eddie Morra" (played by Bradley Cooper) suddenly is able to double his investments every day after taking a fictitious "smart designer drug". In essence, it would require that one individual (no matter how smart) can out-smart the entire market. Ludicrous!

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