Wednesday, August 25, 2010

High-yield dividends

I came across this excellent note on companies with a high-yield in dividends.

Many of the companies are REIT or Business Development Companies (BDC), which are required to distribute most of their earnings in the form of dividends.

Among those mentioned are:

Company Yield %

PDL BioPharma (Nasdaq:PDLI) 16.89
Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation (NYSE:ANH) 15.02
Annaly Capital Management (NYSE:NLY) 15.47
Frontier Communications Corporation (NYSE:FTR) 13.33
Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend (NYSE:AOD) 12.11
Apollo Investment Corporation (Nasdaq:AINV) 11.65
MFA Mortgage Investments (NYSE:MFA) 10.48

Another note has an interesting overview of the Business Development Companies.

Business development companies are similar in some respects to a REIT in that they must pass on 90% of their income to shareholders. In addition BDCs may not place more than 5% of assets in one company, can't own more than 10% of the voting stock and can't invest more than 25% of their assets in companies that are considered to be in the same industry. This provides a modicum of diversification.

Of particular interest, perhaps, Apollo Investment Corporation (AINV), which allows retail investors to invest in a quasi-private equity environment.

According to the Morningstar Equity Research Profile,

Externally managed by the private-equity firm of the same
name, Apollo is a closed-end business-development
company that invests in the debt and equity issuances of
middle-market companies. Subordinated debt, second-lien
loans, equity, and preferred stock make up 58%, 26%, 13%,
and 3%, respectively, of its investment book.

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  1. In France there is a particular opportunity with France Telecom, which is paying a dividend of nearly 9 %, and my expectation, at least, is that the share price will rise considerably in the next few years.